Saturday, 20 September 2014


Yesterday's picture prompt was been posted courtesy of Leah who is already off the mark with her response as is Deb over at Kicking Corners, go check out their magic, but not until you marvelled at my merger efforts which eventually comes to you after I fell asleep yesterday mid-writing.

"Mother, mother. Look just like you said my wing is mended." Sang the thrush, swooping from branch to branch to show off  his new found mobility.

"So it is little one, rest it for one more day and you should be ready for full flight." At this the thrush broke into full chorus rejoicing her presence and power.

There went my peaceful walk Gaia thought. She tried to focus on the warm grass beneath her bare feet, the bottom of her white cheesecloth skirt catching as she walked. Twisting tiny plaits in her hair as the last vestiges of summer warmed her skin. Until the chattering and squeaking around her became too much.

"Ok, ok my darlings" Gaia sighed. "Your babies are all so beautiful. Yes, yes, my blessings on them all. Come and see me at the Oak this evening Master Rabbit and I will look at your ear then. Go now and be merry in the sun, summer is nearly over and the harsh winter will soon begin."

With that she turned to move through the creatures around her, leaving the voles and foxes and mice and all manner of other tiny creatures in her wake. She needed time to recharge.

As she cleared the gathering the tree tunnel came under a peaceful quiet once more, quiet enough for Hart to step out from his hiding place. Only he could bring a smile to Gaia's face during this season.

"Hello old friend." She greeted him, sliding her hand down the fur on his neck. As she stepped past him the beautiful stag rose up onto his hind legs and shifted into the form of a human man. His antlers becoming thick locks of brown hair. But his eyes they were the same, over these many years all the many times Gaia had changed him for her own selfish reasons she had always kept his eyes. Those deep and fathomless brown eyes.

"Hello Gaia" her name rolled deep from his throat and settled her fraying nerves.

"Oh Hart, these summers are getting harder and harder to bear."

"How so?"

"The constant activity, the constant chatter, oh just the constant....I find myself wanting to set forth winter earlier and earlier every year."

"There is an option Gaia" Hart replied with his usual knowing sideways look, with just a sprinkling of wicked.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dance with me

Today's writing prompt. Now anyone that has read my blog before knows that I am not averse to getting my inspiration from music. However I don't think I have ever used a song with no lyrics purely as inspiration for my writing before. Lets see how it all turns out.

Leo walked over to the record player, his bare feet muffled on the soft sprung floor. There was a scratch and a crackle as the needle picked up the ridge and started to pull out the first notes from the piano.

He moved silently to where Jess was sat, having just taken a drink from her water bottle, and held his had out to her. Not saying a word they began to move in the choreographed routine, right around the room they moved. Bodies close and intertwined. The touch of hand to hand, skin to skin. Leo's guiding hand in the small of Jess's back or the feel of her breath as she tucked in against his shoulder. Jess leaping into the air with grace and trust that Leo would be there to catch her, bringing her down so close to the ground her blond braid swept along the floor.

The music would stop with them embracing 'center stage' neither one could keep their eyes from the other, their lips almost touching. Then Leo would break away, reset the needle and the dance would start all over again. 

Until, that is, one or the other or both indeed could no longer stand the tension. When the temptation to close the gap was too much, they would collect their things silently and leave to repeat the same routine again the next day.

Unfulfilled passion. The critics saw the connection of course, praised their astounding chemistry. The tabloids spread rumours of them being seen together. The dancers simply never confirmed nor denied any of it, they refused all interviews and would only dance.

That is what would make them the most captivating of dancers to watch. As their bodies moved, in ways only an intimate couple should know each other, that night on stage everyone was enthralled. And the audience couldn't help but hold their collective breath as the curtain fell on their final embrace.

For more prompt loveliness head over to Deb for dimples, Leah and Sabrina for some beautiful poetry.

Three posts from me today catching up on prompts....think I am going to go crash and burn somewhere now ;-) But it has been one fantastic ride, why not try it sometime? Give it a go if you are stuck in a writing rut, power through some writing prompts. Pinterest is a great place to find them, but generally anything will work and set yourself a time limit to write. Go over, write off on a tangent it doesn't really matter JUST WRITE!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

"And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End"


Cole ducked just in time to see the crystal decanter shatter on the wall beside him. His Balcones Fifth Anniversary bourbon trickling down the wall mirroring the tears on her cheeks, the ones he put there. God, I'm an idiot!

Heaven screamed. It was the most unearthly sound Cole had ever heard; rage mixed with her heart breaking and it could only escape through that noise and a volley of possessions smashing around him

"I can't believe you took her there, to our restaurant." Heaven shouted breathlessly. "Were we just a lie, all along. 'Happily Ever Afters' just for the movies after all." She continued adding air quotes to the happily ever after.

"No...Crap...I don't know. I love you, I'm an idiot Heaven...please."

Heaven just shook her head and turned to walk away. Oh please no, fight me. don't give up.

"If I could undo it all I would. If I could trade everything I have for just one more day of what we had I'd do it in a heartbeat Heaven. I've never been happier than the day we got married."

Heaven turned to face him but the look on her face was no longer filled with rage and the tears had stopped. Cole's breath caught in his chest, in that moment she scared him. His beautiful angel looked downright vengeful.

She slinked over to Cole, standing nose to nose with him she traced her finger down the side of his face. "Do you really mean that Baby? All of your wealth, all of your tomorrows for just one yesterday?"

"Yes." Cole answered definitely, even though this whole thing confused the hell out of him. One minute she was throwing things at him the next she was close enough to kiss. But he had to show her what she meant to him.

Then she screamed again but this time there was a blinding light that filled the room and everything started spinning. Cole dropped to his knees, he could no longer see Heaven and he couldn't even reach out for her. When everything came to a stop she was there in front of him dressed in a white trouser suite, when had she had time to change?

"Cole get up!"

He staggered to his feet rather ungracefully and then he had the chance to take her in in all her glory. Yes that was the word, beautiful white angel wings and glory.

"Cole close your mouth. Here's the deal, I'm going to give you what you want. You can have one more day of loving me, our Happily Ever After."

"Thank you, I love you. We will be great together this time...." Cole started to move towards her but she held up a hand to stop him.

"Cole you don't get it, there is no this time. Do you know what Cole? Just enjoy today." With that Heaven turned to walk away leaving the images of Cole's wedding day to come together around her. Muttering as she left. "I'll enjoy it more when I take it all from you."

Yesterday's writing prompt was to write something that starts with "And They Lived Happily Ever After. The End". It kind of starts that whole debate over if there are any 'happily ever afters' and just how hard you have to work on them once the credits come up! But I guess that is a whole other post. For now Sabrina, Leah and Deb have posted their responses to this prompt onto their blogs...go check them out!

What would your happily ever after look like? Have you found it already? Is it as plain sailing as you expected?


So this was a prompt from a couple of days ago and I promise I did the writing...just in a very traditional pencil and paper kind of way. I am just now getting time to post here. Jump over to my lovely friends who were far more on the ball than me and see what they are up to.... Leah's is here and Sabrina posted here

Dark House, The Enchanted Wood
photo-manipulation via lynn
view original here (look to the bottom left window!)

She stood at the window. She stood at the window every day since he left.

The threads that tied them were still strong. He still loved her and so he would return to her. Then they could rest.

Her body had withered long ago, her bones turned to dust. The houses around theirs had crumbled and gone, the residents forced out by her initial rage. She'd moved the landscape up around their house, it reflected her mood now...her need to be alone and wait.

She kept their house the same, untouched by the ravages of time. The same so that he would recognise it when he returned. Not that it mattered, all he need do was feel along the thread. He knew it was there, he'd plucked at it more than once tugging at the hope where her heart once beat.

So she stood at the window and she waited for him to return. She would wait forever and they would never rest.

Just a little song to go with this post ;-)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

St Pancras

Yesterday's daily prompt from my fabulous writing group resulted from an impromptu visit me and the other half took into St Pancras station one evening whilst in London this week. A quick diversion on the way back to our apartment, only to discover the most fantastic things accompanied by beautiful notes tinkled from the ivories.

So here's the prompt and my ten minutes (plus interruptions)

"I have to go."

"I know."

"I just..." He sighed into her neck.

"I know." She repeated, her arms around his neck.

They'd been over this conversation a thousand times already and now the clock above them ticked off their last moments in each other's arms for who knows how long he felt the need to tell her all over again. Why wasn't she enough? She should be enough but he craved home and the wide open spaces so badly. He needed to be out of this city before it crushed him.

Stood together. Foreheads touching. Eyes closed. Their lips meet in one last caress. Slowly they move apart, he wasn't sure any more if he could do this.

Then she was standing alone under that god forsaken clock as he turned and walked toward his platform. Towards his train. Towards home and an emptiness he'd never fill.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Your Shadow

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Looking at photos of me as a baby, seeing photos of you mixed in. Just your shadow remains. The spectre of who you were, of what we did together, of what we could have done. 

But even that is fading now, I really know so little about you. My connections to you are slipping away, like the sun sliding behind the hills. One day will I find my self not remembering you? One day will even your shadow be gone? For now I will keep shining the flood lights on your life and throwing your shadow across mine.

Will my life cast a shadow as far reaching as yours?

Just a quick one today while I'm exploring London. Thanks for these awesome prompts Leah!

Out of the mirror

Today's ten minute daily. Check out what Leah has been up to today, so much more deep and meaningful that what I got from the image below!

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"Margaret. Margaret." Henry whispered patting his wife on the arm. "I think we are in the wrong place."

"And what makes you say that Henry." She replied smoothing down her blouse, still transfixed by the girl sat in the grass in front of them. Margaret found it fascinating how the girl had managed to tuck all of her body and arms behind the mirror that appeared to be showing the scene behind her. Just her head and legs were visible.

"Really darling I don't think this is the usual style for the Serpentine Gallery, do you?"

"Oh? How would you know darling? When was the last time you stepped away from the Tate and your beloved Turner?"


"Just be quiet please and stop complaining. Be open to something other than your buttoned shirt and knotted tied, loosen up a little."

"Now you are starting to sound like Henrietta."

"Maybe you should listen to your daughter from time to time, it might do you some good."

"Was it her that suggested we come here?" Henry spat incredulously at his wife. He knew what he liked, why did he need this new fangled drivel forcing down his throat?

Before Margaret could respond their argument, that had been getting progressively louder, was interrupted by a white rabbit leaping out of the mirror the girl was holding. It hopped across the grass and right between the couple. Margaret looked up at her husband.

"Shall we get a taxi back dear?"